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This site is designed to be a hub of all of the best flash games on the web, all adapted for use on the PSP.

The Sony PSP firmware upgrade (2.70) has a built in flash player for the internet explorer. This means that homebrew flash games can run on the PSP. If you've seen or written a game that you think should be featured on this site, email us...

Why don't you head on over to the forum, we've got a nice little community going and you might learn something new!

Recent Forum Posts

    tallphil , 9:25am 07.12.06 1000 Users!

    I never expected it when we started, but we've made it to 1000 registered users!
    Congratulations everyone, and keep spreading the word...

    tallphil , 7:16pm 22.11.06 FallDown Released

    FallDown has been released! For those of you following it's progress in our forums, you can now play the finished item here.
    Well done soulofdarkness!

    tallphil , 2:37pm 15.11.06 User sign-up stats

    Have just written a little extra widget into the hits page, that draws a graph of how many users have signed up to the site on a weekly basis. You can see it here...

    Jake , 11:11am 12.11.06 Finger Time Flash Games

    Finger Time have 3 games that are designed for the PSP. I will see if we can get them on this site but I doubt they will allow us. To play the games you have to go to on your PSP. Thanks to dogydude who found the site.

    Jake , 3:46pm 07.11.06 Jelly Halloween

    You may have noticed that there was a different version of Jelly of the Halloween period. The original version of jelly is back on the site now with a few little code changes to make it run faster. I have also applied the changes to the Halloween version and that can be found here.

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