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This site is designed to be a hub of all of the best flash games on the web, all adapted for use on the PSP.

The Sony PSP firmware upgrade (2.70) has a built in flash player for the internet explorer. This means that homebrew flash games can run on the PSP. If you've seen or written a game that you think should be featured on this site, email us...

Why don't you head on over to the forum, we've got a nice little community going and you might learn something new!

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    tallphil , 12:00pm 27.07.07 Spam

    Bit of bad news today - I've had to take the 'user uploads' section of the site offline. Turned my PC on earlier to receive about 1000 emails all stating that the mail was undeliverable. They were all in response to emails sent from <variations>, which basically means someone managed to get a spam script onto our server.

    Sorry guys! (especially sniperakid, you win 'most files uploaded') If we find out who did it we'll ban them and stuff too - any help appreciated!

    tallphil , 3:06pm 27.03.07 5000 users

    We made it! 5000 registered users, you now have a valid reason for playing 5000!
    Make your predictions on how long it'll take us to get to 10000 users here...

    tallphil , 5:15pm 21.03.07 Game Creation Competition!

    Ever fancied getting one of your creations on a large website viewed by thousands of people? We're running a competition for you guys to show us what you can do, and create a game to our specifications... Details here...

    tallphil , 7:06pm 23.02.07 5000

    I was looking at our user stats the other day, and decided that I should make a mini-game for when we reached 5000 users. However, the server went down on one of my website jobs today so I couldn't do any other website design, and I ended up finishing the game early! About 1,200 users early.

    Still, it's finished and for all I know this game might just attract those new 1200 people :) Play it here

    tallphil , 7:02pm 21.02.07 File Uploads

    Do you make flash games, but don't have any file storage space online, or struggle to find somewhere to hold your swf files?

    Then you'll be pleased to hear that I've just installed a little package called QuiXplorer - i've modded the code so that when you go to this link:, registered users will see a blank folder all for themselves. You can upload any .swf flash files here for nothing, and other people can access those files. To find the URLs of your uploaded file, copy it from the address bar when you view the file. It will be in the format

    If people really miss the ability to upload filetypes other than .swfs, i'll look into implementing that too...

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