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#1 06/01/08 8:55pm

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maverick force?

idk if you guys have hear of them or not, but these guys have made some good flash games for the psp. Especially flash monsters. Like no joke go to thier site and
get flash monsters because u will love it! … /10/38/66/
link to site^

About the game:
-kinda like a pokemon game in a way
-make your monster hero(good), nutreul(normal), evil(bad)
-fight other monsters and get exp
- level
-better attacks when level(and suppose to be magic attack too)
-evil,hero,nuetral will give you different types of attacks
-it will make you puepty puopty pants



#2 07/01/08 1:14pm

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Re: maverick force?

Yeah, those games are really good.
I like how you can train your monster and save your progress. Well, actually it's not saving, you just get a code to type in next time you start your game.



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