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#1 18/11/07 2:51pm

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Daedalus R13

i was wondering what are big changes in the R13 edition? is it worth changing the emulator? and can  we play all N64 games on this version.

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#2 18/11/07 3:00pm

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Re: Daedalus R13

At first I want to say, that if you are using an earlier version of Daedalus, like R12, this is a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT. Super Mario 64 runs with a smooth 28-36 FPS without sound, and 15-20 with sound. Of course the sound still lags... But earlier I thought that SM64 wasn't playable, but now it is.

Mario Kart 64 doesn't run with sound enabled I guess. But without sounds it runs really good, even better than SM64.

The big improvement is that some kind of Dynarec speed hack has been invented by StrmnNrmn, and savestates, which are really useful.

Not all N64 games work, not even most of them. But here is a list of all the working ones and those with glitches.




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