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PSP Barcodes

on the bottom of your psp there is a barcode sticker. But if  your dumb like me then you might think it would be fun to peel off, DON'T!......  If you bought the insurance, then you will need the barcode. My question is how do I find the barcode?

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Re: PSP Barcodes

big_smile nice idea...
the barcode looks like this:
xx-yyyyyyyy-zzzzzzz-pspvvvv, where x,y,z and v are some numbers
i dunno bout the first numbers, but zzzzzzz can be found under the battery - SERIAL No.
vvvv is the model of psp. you can find it there as well.
I'm not sure, but xx is the number of the country in which your psp was made in.
yyyyyyyy - ????

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