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#1 02/08/07 9:03pm

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worst movie u ever saw.

1 of the worst movies ive ever seen is probaly LOTR series. its all about walking. its much about walking that even the damn trees walked. but the worst movie is probally epic movie DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!!! its horrible and u will regret seeing that movie like me.  your thoughts?




#2 02/08/07 9:20pm

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Re: worst movie u ever saw.

LOTR is one of the best movies, its gotten dozens of rewards, and ive heard epic movie sucked.

2.80> 3.5> 1.5> 3.40 OE-A> 3.51 M33-7> 1.5> 3.40 OE-A> 3.52m33-5> full brick(pandora)> 3.52m33-5> 3.80m33> 3.90m33

Long story



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