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Fullscreen Browser!

This is a web browser hack for PSP firmwares 2.0 and above. It is said to make all the web pages look the same as on PC, so that they would show correctly. You just redirect your browser to the given address and start surfing. It tells the web pages that your PSP's resolution is 1024x768 that they show correctly. That's what it's supposed to do, but as I have 1.5 I haven't got time to check it out.

So if you want to try it here's the link: … /catid/151

And as always, this is what QuickJump says about it:

QuickJump wrote:

PSP homebrew developer, TheNameless, passed by our forums lately to share a nifty application that most PSP users would find really useful. The app we're talking about is the FullScreen Browser and it aims to improve surfing with the PSP Browser. According to the dev, the PSP browser has a big handicap - the websites are often showed in a squeezed and even useless manner. Well, that's what he thinks, so he decided to do something about it,

TheNameless' FullScreen Browser resizes the resultion of the browser window to a normal resultion. So using this would let the websites keep its design and are more readable. He says that this "works on all firmwares since 2.0. No homebrew support required."

With all that said, we thank TheNameless for sharing this app. Be sure to check out the readme file that comes with the download and the forum release thread.




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Re: Fullscreen Browser!

If you look at the top of the page in the forum menu you will see a link which says rules. Although the rules are not in depth it does state that verbal abuse will result in a permanent ban. I now have my eye on both babaganoosh and JaXeRiR and any more swearing or abuse you will be banned. The 2 posts containing the abuse have been deleted.




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