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#1 04/07/07 2:53pm

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Good Bye DAX!

I made a topic so everyone here could say goodbye to Dark_Alex. He probably won't even read this ever but still...

Aaaaannyways: Thank you DAX, you have done some much to make our PSPs more playable, although I haven't downgraded even yet, and I'm not sure if I ever will (If I won't be able to get back) But anyway I appreciate everything you have done to us, and I think no-one could ever replace you as the one-and-only PSP Hacking God!




#2 04/07/07 6:37pm

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Re: Good Bye DAX!

i may not even use hombrew but thanks for evrything u did.  you made many people happy!



#3 04/07/07 6:50pm

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Re: Good Bye DAX!

Thank you DAX for all you have done to the homebrew scene. I have just come into the homebrew scene and i got your firmwire on my psp. I would just like to thank you for making the psp worth buying and for making PSX games and ISO's playable on the psp. I wish you success in life in whatever your choosing to do.

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#4 05/07/07 4:31pm

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Re: Good Bye DAX!

thx dax i'm gonna downgrade soon thx for everything, i will be able to play gta stunt projekt use afkim and many  more interesting stuff

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