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#1 21/04/07 2:38am

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Super smash bros psp flash

I just played super smash bros brawl demo (and saw a trailer) and was wondering if anyone would like to make a 2d flash or so... I have sprite sheets ( if you'll need them) and all u have to do is pick some characters.I know many people that would like this game( there annoying!!!) they keep spamming me and stuff so I need help to get them off my back.. Anyone intrested? If not Ill just delete this topic..k
   thanks to all of u who read this...

I got a NEW PC !!!!!!
( cause my other one broke) Now back to the comics.. I have to make everything all over again sad )



#2 31/05/07 3:21pm

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Re: Super smash bros psp flash

That's a good idea, but I'm still just at the basics of Flash programming, making some nice games to work on PSP and all.

But hey nice idea - I have the first Super Smash Bros on my old Nintendo 64.




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