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Fall 2013 Check-In

According to the PFG server, signups have spiked to an all-time high since January of this year ( Unfortunately, and as many of you are probably aware, these are by and large the work of bots.

This site has been waning in activity for years, no doubt about it. This is largely in part because...
- The PSN allows people to carry around more games on their memory card without resorting to Flash.
- PSP demos made since PFG have far exceeded the quality of the average Flash game. It's easy enough to download the Patapon 2 Demo and rack up 30 hours on it without paying a cent.
- Outside of the niche of PSP users, the PSP itself has fallen flat next to the Nintendo DS.
- The PSVita does not have Flash support, so PSP Flash games now only run on an outdated system.
- PSP Flash games can only be created in AS1 or AS2, with even the latter of the two being over a decade old and largely replaced by AS3.
- Henceforth, PSP games have been released less and less often, and they may soon cease to be entirely.
- Akismet is auto-banning everyone.

Time has not been kind to us. PSP Flash games, and the PSP as a whole, has had incredible potential to run emulators, homebrew, and Flash games, as well as having extensive media support. It's really a shame that things have happened the way they have, as I've seen a lot of creativity and innovation here, but the sad truth is that PSP Flash games are the dying breed of a dying breed.

That being said, I'd like to breathe whatever life I can back into this site. Now that I'm a moderator I'm going to be checking in and removing spam, and while I can't promise I'll continue making games, I think Ava RPG is one hell of a grand finale for the PSP Flash scene, though of course there's always a chance that more games -could- be made in the future.

There's still a lot of fun to be had with the PSP. Dozens of OFW homebrew in the form of PBPs and SWFs, games exclusively on UMD, and emulators for all GameBoys and DOS. For however little anyone else may know about the PSP's true potential, you still have the ability to enjoy these games for yourself.

Anyway, now that I've given my two cents on the site and the PFG scene as a whole, I wanted to check in and see just what's up. I know this thread has been made before, but if you're here and you're reading this, post. I'm curious to see just how many of us are left. While you're at it, tell us a little about who you are and how you got here.

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