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#1 18/11/11 8:18am

From: Corner of Walk and Don't Walk
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RIP PSP Flash Zone

I miss the site already, and worst of all, I feel like me and Shinsukelto are mostly responsible for its untimely death, as we were the only ones creating quality work at the time.

I know it's too late, Dilan, but I made a simple game just to prove that PSP Flash games are NOT dead:

Over 100 free Flash games for your PSP:



#2 18/11/11 10:38pm

The Explorer
From: Bloody Australia.
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Re: RIP PSP Flash Zone

Ahh, gosh, thanks, now I feel bad. xD



#3 19/11/11 9:21pm

From: SD-CA
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Re: RIP PSP Flash Zone

PSP Flash games arent dead, the thing is the psp is very restricted to its flash player, so i guess developers just give up.
Look at me still making that one rpg, it should have been done already, but i keep tunning it up so it wont lag that much, and PSP 1000 users wont get low memory errors(got a couple while testing =p)
If we keep on making quality games, the PSP flash game Library will keep on growing, and people will find them, play them and look for more.(I say this because the good quality games for psp in flash are not much, alot of the games are the samething just different maker, like PONG, Snake, Maze, and those classic type of games.)
PSP FLash Zone is gone, but lets not let PFG go down.

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#4 12/10/12 3:28am

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Re: RIP PSP Flash Zone

HI SHINSUKEITO AND TENJIMARU! Long time since I've been here.. sad



#5 24/11/12 4:09pm

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Re: RIP PSP Flash Zone

cool cool cool

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