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[Alpha] Ava RPG

As I've made two PSP Flash games in the past week, I suddenly realized how close to being done Ava RPG was before I ran into a terrible PSP-only glitch and halted production. Since lately I've been lacking the motivation, I've decided to release what I have so far for others to see.

I originally intended for this game to be largely enigmatic until its release, but because I've halted production I feel it's only fair I let you guys see what I've been up to. On top of that, maybe some kind words will motivate me to finish this game.

Why this alpha will be entertaining...
- First action RPG game made in Flash for the PSP. It doesn't lag, either.
- You can assign over a dozen combat abilities to four slots for varied gameplay.
- An intense mix of skill and strategy.
- Random dungeons and an open world map.
- Will include an optional endless 'arcade mode' bonus dungeon.

What remains to be done...
- Dungeon maps do not appear on the PSP. This has yet to be fixed.
- The floor counter for dungeons is currently broken.
- The enemies' power levels and the cost of items in the store is currently unbalanced.
- Player versus player does not currently function.
- The save feature does not currently function.
- Certain variables which monitor game progress are not working correctly.
- The final boss is not yet accessible.

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