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#1 09/07/12 10:26pm

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Are PSP's Dead?

Hey guys, A few months back I created an awesome forum (It is still up BTW)... I only ended up getting about 7-10 members. I think it is because PSP's and the community as a whole is pretty much gone. It makes me sad to see/hear that because I love PSP's still and I remember when there used to be so many active people creating flash games and whatnot. So, I just wanted to know... Do you guys think PSP's are dead?



#2 10/07/12 4:02pm

The Explorer
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Re: Are PSP's Dead?

To be blunt, yes.



#3 04/08/12 5:26pm

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Re: Are PSP's Dead?

we need to start a boycott to stop vita sales

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#4 04/08/12 5:58pm

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Re: Are PSP's Dead?

its not the Vita's fault that PSPs are dead.
I think right now I only see a younger generations -KIDS- using PSP, while the older generations -those that would get CFW on PSP and Make Custom Stuff- have gone on living their life as adults-
I hardly use my PSP like before, I only use it for music and testing my flash games.
Kids will only play games their parents or themselves buy, they dont actually try and browse the web looking for flash games or something other than wallpapers.
and if they come across flash games, sometimes they dont understand how to get them to work (expirienced that with one of my cousins, he could not run one of my games.)
The PSP was/is all about the custom stuff created within the internet communities, Themes, Flash Games... and many others..
WE THE PEOPLE.. It Is Our Duty To Promote The Free Flash Games We Make To Get.. Little By Little The PSP Community Back Online in Flash Gaming. smile

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Re: Are PSP's Dead?

Yeah, the PSP scene was never that big though. Nintendo had a head start on portable devices since the original Gameboy, and they marketed themselves better. With backward compatibility to the Gameboy Advance, they had a much larger following from the get-go. The PSP didn't have much of a chance, though it might have if there had been something like PS1 classics at launch.

I still make PSP Flash games occasionally and have my 100+ game bundle online for all who wish to download it, so I feel like I'm doing all I can to keep the system alive. I have nothing wrong with the Vita, but I can't see myself buying one until they A) Have an external UMD drive add-on, and B) Have a firmware update with Flash installed on it.

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