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PSP Survey - Which PSP Model/s Do You Own?

Hello, Tenji Here With a Quick Survey.
Which PSP Model/s Do You Own?
Available PSP Models:
PSP-1000 (FAT)
PSP-2000 (Slim)
PSP-3000 (Slim 2ndGen)
PSP-N1000 (PSP-GO)

Purpose Of Survey
I'm Trying To See What Model The Users Of This Site Use, In Order To Develop Games Compatible To PSP-1000 For Example, or If I should Just Skip That Model Since Its Out Of Date With Its Little Ram Amount For The Internet Browser Which Is Our Console For PSP Flash Game Developers. Later Models Have More Ram Than The 1st Gen PSP, Opening More Oportunities For Game Development.

How To Know What Model You Have
On Classic Design PSP's Remove The Battery and Inside The PSP you should See The Label With the Model Number. PSP-Go's Well You'll Know If Its A PSP-Go. big_smile

Thanks For Reading And For Replies

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Re: PSP Survey - Which PSP Model/s Do You Own?

I am using PSP-3000(6.60).sorry for offtopic but anybody knows how to turn on mp3 music support in netfront browser beta 4 in flash?(for example itunes mp3 player is not working[can be found in some psp portals)



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Re: PSP Survey - Which PSP Model/s Do You Own?

hello i am new here



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