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#1 03/06/12 8:59am

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PSP is Back! Wifi-less...

Source wrote:

Weíve seen various colours and iterations of the PSP hit shelves before, including a white one, but here we have another white PSP coming our way; Ice White.
What makes this different from the previous white PSP is that itís not just a colour difference; itís the budget PSP, the European-exclusive PSP-E1000 model that was first announced last December, which has a mono speaker, no remote port, no video out, and most surprisingly no Wi-Fi.
Yeah, that last one sure does seem a bit blasphemous in todayís world of always-connected devices. But hey, for $99, itís a great investment into a little time sync if youíre not into handhelds quite enough to invest a few hundred into one today.
Itís interesting that Sony are continuing to release more iterations of the PSP after the Vitaís launch, perhaps a budget PSP would have been a better idea a few years ago.
Will you be possibly picking this up

My Opinion
Great To See Sony launching a new PSP variation, tho no WiFi, is Sony Bringing Back UMD Support?
At First I thought this could verywell mean the uprise of PSP Flash Games, the fact that its more economic than other models, but without WiFi, no Internet Browser, thus No Flash Player. sad

I Really Dont Want To See The Flash Gaming Side Of PSP Die.
What Do You Think? Got More Info On This New Model, Feel Free To Post

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#2 03/06/12 9:48am

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Re: PSP is Back! Wifi-less...

I really like the look of it, it looks a lot better than the other models of PSP that has been created thus far.

The no WiFi is a real bummer, I just read a comment from

Terrapin wrote:

I would say removing Wifi is dumbness on a whole new level but since this is Sony it's easy to find plenty more stupid decisions, i mean cost isn't the issue because it barely costs $1 to fit a Wifi transceiver, so why would they possibly do it?

If this is true, it's a real shame that WiFi wasn't included...



#3 19/06/12 7:18pm

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Re: PSP is Back! Wifi-less...

Wow, what's the point of releasing a console that's blind deaf and dumb?

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Re: PSP is Back! Wifi-less...

PSP withot Wifi.... I'll stick to my GameBoy big_smile


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