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#1 17/05/12 8:55pm

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87-Game PSP Bundle!

Here's a quick video on what I've been up to.

Dilan from PFZ says that once he can, he'll send me an offline version of PFZ, from which I'll take more games to add to the collection.

EDIT: Okay, got the games from PFZ. I'll try and finish up Ava RPG and Diablo, and add any new games made in the meantime.

There's also some evidence that these games may work on the Vita in the near future:

Bad news... … -26191299/

Good news... … -sony.html … dobe-flash

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#2 19/05/12 9:44am

The Explorer
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Re: 87-Game PSP Bundle!

Wow, nice bundle you got there!
Unfortunately, I can't make use of it since my PSP broke...

Even so, I wasted a lot of my time going through all the games on the PC. smile
Some of these are really nostalgic!

Well done, and thank you. big_smile



#3 19/06/12 7:15pm

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Re: 87-Game PSP Bundle!

Great idea!

Glad to see my games made it in there smile



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