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Attention! Review template!

This should be the signature mark of PFG's reviews.
New users! This is how to write rewiews:

Full Title of the Game(release year)
Developer: developing company
Publisher: publishing company

Box art

Introduce your game. Tell about it's predecessors, what's the role of the game in the soryline of the series. Was tis game waited by fans and gamers? If your game's not a sequel, then tell us about the game's key points.

Tell about the gameplay. how long are the loading times and how often are they.
Who is the main character of this game? How is the story introduced? How stylish is it?

Does music fit the situation? How good is it voiceacted? How impressive are the sound effect?

How confortable are the controlls? Alything unusual? Tell us!

This is the place for a logical conclusion.
Tell us is it interesting or not to play the game, or who will like this game.

Gameplay: x/10
Graphic: x/10
Controll: x/10
Originality: x/10
Sound: x/10

x - Your opinion

Place 2-3 screenshots here. It's likely not to make them all similar -
Show the variations of the game, make us want to play it!

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