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#1 19/09/10 3:27pm

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Site Hiccups

Hey chaps and chappettes - just a nod to say sorry for the forum going down recently. The database had corrupted, so I had to restore a backup. This means that anyone who registered in the last week will have to do so again (sorry!)

I'm pretty annoyed with the state of the site, and this was the last straw, so I'm definitely going to do a rehaul of the entire website, you can see more details in this post.

Any problems, let me know (the only reason I realised that this error had happened was because I got an e-mail... thanks!)

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#2 19/09/10 6:03pm

From: Canada, eh?
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Re: Site Hiccups

That email was from me tongue Im only looking out for the site is all, this is an awesome place (despite the number of people here) and I dont want to see it all broken.

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#3 19/09/10 11:25pm

The Explorer
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Re: Site Hiccups

Yeah, lol, I saw like every single thread ever posted on the front page! xD
Nice to see you did something pro-active there, Doublehawk. I just sat here and watched the chaos. tongue



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