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#1 09/09/10 2:10am

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Frictional Games

So, Im pretty sure none of you have heard of them. WELL, THATS JUST CHANGED HASNT IT? LOLOLOLOL
Any of you into horror/survival type games? THEN THIS COMPANY IS FOR YOU!
Frictional Games is literally about 5 people who work together online. The company is based in a small city in Sweden, and hire extra people when they need the help. Their first game was part of a series of games called Penumbra. The game is horror/survival, and is VERY good. Seriously, when people think horror games, theyre all like "lol F.E.A.R", but that isnt true horror imo. Using guns to mow down hordes of zombies and the like is just....well, what it is. Real horror is not being able to fight back;having to rely on your instincts and skills to get you through. This is exactly what the Penumbra series is.

Recently, they've released their new game titled Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It follows that same horror/survival genre, but with an even better plot, having you play as an amnesiac. Its only 20 bucks, and I'd sure as hell buy it, but my computer just cant run it smoothly enough, which is such a shame sad

Now, I'm mainly posting this here because I recently learned that Frictional almost went under making Amnesia. This saddens me, because the company has some great talent, and seeing it go to waste would be such a waste. Its on torrent sites already, and its only been out for a few days. Hope they can make it through.

Anyway, point is: This is an amazing independent game company that is way overlooked, and I'd appreciate it if you took the time to look at their games, and maybe buy them.

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Re: Frictional Games

LOL, I actually know about this company, my brother is playing Amnesia atm.

I heard about Penumbra like 1-2 years ago, but I never played it. I was never into horror stuff.



#3 01/12/10 1:29pm

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Re: Frictional Games

I've heard of Frictional, I'm considering buying the full Penumbra series for my new PC.



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crazy doll
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Re: Frictional Games

Iím currently playing this game series. I absolutely like to play it because it is a super cool frictional game.

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Re: Frictional Games

crazy doll wrote:

Iím currently playing this game series. I absolutely like to play it because it is a super cool frictional game.

Stupid bot...

I have played both Penumbra and Amnesia, but didn't really notice which company makes them until now.
I tried to run the Penumbra on my PC but unfortunately it lagged even on the low settings (with lowest setting disabling the darkness/lighting completely, lol). And even worse it crashed at one point at the beginning of the game.

Then I had an opportunity to play the Amnesia on a very good laptop but for few days only.

About the games: I love them. I, myself, am into the real horror-psychological genres, whether it's video games, books or movies. I truly admire the creativity of people who know how to make a suspense story withOUT zombies, guns, extreme violence and cliches, like most of the horror-action video games and movies.
The tension in these games builds up perfectly. They know how to pair visuals and audio to give you the scariest and most mysterious experience in video gaming you probably have had.

Another great video game company is Remedy Games from Finland.
They have made the titles like Max Payne (1&2) but their latest video game series is Alan Wake, which is a horror-thriller, made as a TV show. It's about a best-seller writer who hasn't been able to write anything for 2 years, so he and his wife Alice go to North-West USA to have some free time and maybe get inspiration to start writing again. Everything goes well until Alan's wife Alice disappears. That's when strange shadowy figures start to chase Alan but his only weapon is the light.
The game is set in wonderful scenery that has a great effect on the presentation of this unique and creative game.

If I am not wrong, it came out on PC this February being an Xbox-360 exclusive title for a year.
I will definitely get it if I can get a PC good enough for it first, though.



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