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#1 30/06/10 6:00am

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From: from Sinnoh
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BP's oil leak

what the heck are they gonna do now?! the hurricane season started and all atempts failed to plug that leak! will they let it run dry? hope not, cause its gonna put the whole north america eco system in danger! ... lol i sound like a green activist.

OY!.... i dont have time you! but i have time for a barral roll!



#2 01/07/10 8:59am

The Explorer
From: Bloody Australia.
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Re: BP's oil leak

A little bird told me it was a fat pig wearing a hat.



#3 23/11/10 2:38am

emo kid
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Re: BP's oil leak

Thats da same thing i saw, the only other part you forgot was the dress the pig had on.!!!!

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