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jfig112 wrote:

I don't know if even you hardcore fanboys remember, but... … aspect.jpg

When you go on your submarine, you find a crashed plane with a ton of sweet items on board. My idea was to incorporate some type of story explaining why the plane is there, e.g.

Maybe another villian had a plane crash but managed to survive inside the plane and has been living there ever since, developing a secret weapon.

if im not mistaken, i read somewhere that the plane was explained in before crises,
but seeing as how bc is Japanese and only for cell phones, i think you could get away with it unless you plan on doing a Japanese release. smile

lol i am mistaken, it was sunk during the events of ff7 -

jfig112 wrote:

I didn't like the characters from Advent Children, or maybe I'm retarded, but that shorter-haired person that turns into Sepiroth is a bit of a turd. tongue

yeah, something tells me we wont see Kadaj again....... maybe its cause he had his butt kicked then willingly accepted his fate.
but i thought Denzel wasnt so bad, he was a little stupid for trying to attack bahamut sin, but other than that he's okay.

theres also characters from crises core who didnt really have their future explianed, there was zacks friend in soldier (forget his name right now -(edit: Kunsel)- ), maybe after zack disappeared he had his own adventure trying to find zack,
and there was the turk girl Cissanei,
they werent explained that much so it would be really easy to add whatever story to them you want.

i always thought a good villan to add would be hojo's other son (aside from sephiroth) (remember, hojo in some way responsible for almost all bad things in ff7.....) not that it says he has one..... but that doesnt mean you cant, smile
he could have followed hojo's research (meaning that he can do alot),
and he can be wanting to avenge his fathers death.

ff7 is a game that you can do alot to expand on, so i hope you do decide to try something like that jfig (and shinsukeito(, whose game i forgot to compliment, rocks, as does all his other games, and especially his pixel art)). smile

-edit: i also think it would be possible to make a prequel, where you play as a (or a team of) cetra (or ancient as they later become known as) who decide to fight jenova!
if you think about the size of the crater (the northern crater) it made, the original jenova must have been massive, probably would make a much better boss than a dude with a wing. big_smile

im sorry, this is prolly all too much to read,
i hope you do decide to do this,
and if you need a playtester or consultant or anything, please (PLEASE) ask me smile especially if you like any of my ideas here -

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likd the game. pretty hard tho




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