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From: Facing The Plastic
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the non-written (and now written) UNOFFICIAL RULES OF PSP FLASH GAMING

ok, this is your new holy f*cking grail.
post by this, and its a sure way not to get banned.

1. porn.
do not post porn. porn as in pictures, links, ect. IS A BAN.
2. forum noobs.
dont cuss and swear WITHOUT A * TO MODIFY IT. we'll know what you mean.
3. double posts.
sometimes a mistake, but you can delete it. so delete it or we'll report or something.
4. picture and gif threads.
...this is a PSP forum, nobody wants to spend 2 hours loading gifs to run out of memory.
5. dead topics.
ok, i swear people do this to piss people off. DO NOT POST IN TOPICS THAT ARE NOT ALIVE (not breathing alive, but active).
6. a$$holes.
don't come here to b*tch at people. don't hate, appreciate.
7. advertise.
dont advertise sh*t nobody is gonna like.
8. abusing the report button.
just don't...we'll know if you do.
9. don't post useless things unless its in the spam thread. thats why we have it.
10. new topics.
dont post new topics like how people update Twitter; fast and pointless.
11. signatures.
don't post a thousand and one things in your sig. a couple words, easy loading pictures, and it'll be fine.
12. dont be a leader.
be yourself, dont be a leader. your leaders are Jake and tallphil. then mods. then users. then guests.
13. hotlinking.
broken links, links to porn, ect. are not very accepted here...or anywhere.
14. forum noobs (2)
don't report someone for no reason.
15. personal info.
keep it to yourselves.
its one thing to help someone, its another thing to give a phone number.

I'm Infinite.



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