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[Review] Killzone Liberation

Killzone Liberation
Guerilla Games
Sony Computer Entertainment

Ok, most PSP owners know about this game, since Guerilla offers a very nice demo, so this review will assume you have played the demo. I have not yet downloaded the 5th chapter expansion levels and have not played online or even logged into the Killzone website with my PSP. My purpose with this review is to give my personal opinions and respond to opinions expressed in other reviews I have read about the game.


The nice thing about reviewing a game that offers a demo is that I don't have to tell you the basics of gameplay here. The game plays very much like what you see in the demo. You can only carry one weapon at a time (in addition to items like grenades and mines), but you can swap weapons at the supply depots. This seems restrictive, but is integral to the game and the levels are designed.

One issue with the game is the way saving works. When you get killed (and you will) you get the option to restart. You will be given the option to restart from the beginning or from the most recent checkpoint. You have no option to "save" your game, but have to make it through to the end of the mission until the game is actually saved.

This has some consequences. For instance, if you complete a checkpoint with no ammunition, or with the wrong weapon, you are out of luck if you get killed and need to restart. It is back to the start of the level. Another aspect of this is that once you start playing a mission, you are stuck playing it until you get through it, so you need to put aside a block of time if you expect to make progress in the campaign.

During the missions you can find "Vektan Dollars". When you have enough "VD" you get new weapons and upgrades to your existing weapons. This is important; go back and get all of the VD you can because you will need the better weapons for the higher levels.


The reviews out there on this game vary quite a bit with respect to the visuals of the game. Some folks hate it instantly because it is 2D. Others find the graphics dull and unattractive. Personally I like the graphics and the retro-2D Diablo-style gameplay. Like many military games it tends towards a definite khaki colour scheme, but I thought the detail and artwork was quite good.

Nonetheless, the game requires good lighting conditions to play. The small details of the graphics make this game difficult if there is any problem seeing the screen.


Game control is exactly like the demo, and other features like setting c4 charges, driving the tank or hovercraft, or giving orders to your combat buddy are all easy to figure out. It would have been nice to have more missions with these vehicles, but unfortunately you only get one mission with tank and one with hovercraft.

The only real control issue is the aiming. It takes some practice, and it can definitely be somewhat frustrating at times.


The music and sound effects in the game are fine, and in fact you will need to pay attention to them if you expect to complete the game. (Hint : Learn to identify the sound of General Metrac's grenade launcher if you expect to survive Chapter 4, Level 3).

The voice acting and cutscenes are frankly uninspiring. You won't want to watch any of them more than once, and given the uninteresting plotline and totally linear campaign you could easily skip all of the cutscenes and miss nothing.

Play Value :

As alluded to above, the campaign storyline is boring and gameplay is totally linear. But really the storyline is irrelevant; the missions themselves are fun and interesting. I have read several reviews complaining about the campaign being too difficult. I disagree; the campaign missions can be challenging, but I found the difficulty well designed and enjoyable and was able to complete the campaign without undue stress. I do however agree with other reviewers that the campaign was too short; I am looking forward to downloading Chapter 5.

Fortunately Guerilla has also included the Challenge Missions and some other features to spice things up. Each "Chapter" has four missions and once you complete a Chapter you open up the Challenge missions for that Chapter. These are like short mini-missions which you can complete to get either bronze, silver, or gold medals. Those medals buy you points you can spend on special abilities, such as being able to carry an extra grenade, more health points, etc. You can use these abilities during the Campaign missions. The Challenge missions can be quite tough, and I still have yet to complete most of them. They add quite a bit of play value to the game.

Not yet having Wi-fi I have not tried any online aspects of the game. Hopefully some folks here will share their thoughts on the online KL experience.


If you liked the demo you will like the full game.

Gameplay: 9/10 - The missions are fun puzzle-like battles
Graphic: 8/10 - If you like khaki that is
Controll: 7/10 - Aiming can be frustrating, but otherwise good.
Originality: 8/10 - Is successful retro "originality"? Whatever
Sound: 6,5/10 - You can hear it.

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Re: [Review] Killzone Liberation

i rented the game.. i didnt like it much...

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Re: [Review] Killzone Liberation

Due to the overwhelming flood of interest this review generated here is part 2, covering online play.

First off, there is a web site you can get to with your computer where you can create a profile, add an avatar, post in forums, etc. Also there is a PSP website you can access from within the game, which basically lets you see your "unlockables", which from what I have seen, consist of some fairly tedious background story pages and some wallpapers and avatar pics.

The actual online play is limited to a total 8 players per game and features some decent variants like Deathmatch, Assault, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc. You have a fair degree of control setting up games, with the ability to specify map, starting weapons, and creating private password-protected games.

Online play features voice chat, which is great if you like to hear high-pitched squeakers ordering you around like General Petraeus before his morning coffee. Seriously though, it is impressive to see a PSP game do this, and it does a decent job of it. And you CAN change the volume of the voice chat feature if you don't want to hear it.

Online play is fairly smooth, but network errors seem to happen fairly frequently, resulting in the match or session dropping. The server also seems to go down with some regularity. Updating of your online stats takes some time, don't be surprised not to see your score reflect recent wins or kills.

Despite these negatives, the online play is fun and easy, though of course like any online game you will be competing with some folks who are REALLY good and spend huge amount of time playing. Don't expect to mow down human opposition like you do the AI stooges.

Overall I give the online game an 7.5; quick and easy to play (except for requiring email authentication for registration), a fun online experience, but marred by network errors and server outages.

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Re: [Review] Killzone Liberation

I love the game! (online) The game is not worth buying if you haven't got wi-fi. Online play is awesome, it takes time to get reli good but it's very fun. Online play includes friends lists, game invites, capture the flag, deathmatch, team DM, assult, duel and team duel. Overall it's worth buying if you like competitive shooters. But you reli need wi-fi and gaining a "Handle" ( name/login name) is difficult and may cost you if you don't have yor network access code.


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