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#1 27/04/07 9:48pm

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Cheating in 5000

In the highscores of the game "5000" on this site, there is this guy called "Charon" who has got 21474836470 score. Wouldn't that be called "Cheating" or what? He must have decompiled it and changed the actionscript of it to get more score or have it to run slower or something like that. I think someone should delete him from the highscore table.



#2 30/04/07 4:04pm

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Re: Cheating in 5000

hmm, especially as it's exactly the same as the second best score, but with an additional 0... Could equally be a mistake in my coding somewhere though - the entire code that runs the highscores section of the site is far from bulletproof, could do with a re-write really. As could the whole site. Ah well.

If Charon can say anything about how he got that highscore, he a couple of days before it gets deleted...

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#3 30/04/07 6:48pm

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Re: Cheating in 5000

Maybe he found the same glitch in it that i did (link) but i dont think it put my score quite that high

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#4 20/06/07 6:48pm

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Re: Cheating in 5000

once i was playing it on my psp full speed and it was really slow cause it wasnt done loading yet.  it also could of been my internet. even then how would you get a score that high confused



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