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need help with flash game

hi, i really want to play this flash game on the psp. it uses the a,z,left arrow,right arrow, and the space bar. i am new at flash and i was wondering if anybody could help me change the control from the space bar to the down or up arrow key (the space bar is crucial to the game). the game is at:



#2 22/03/07 11:13pm

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Re: need help with flash game

You can decompile code and change things such as that however I am personally working on a game a little similar to that one with online play (hopefully) I have coded most of the difficult stuff apart from the online side of things, I just need to finish the game off which I cant do right now but I will have a bit more time in a couple of weeks when my final year project is completed.




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Re: need help with flash game

I am new at this Flash Games to. So i have some questions i would like to ask.

1st- What do i do if my computer doesnt have this .zip thing to unzip the files.

2nd- can i just insert my psp memory card into my computer to copy the downloaded files of the Flash Games over to it or do they have to be unzipped.

3rd- wat are the steps i have to take after i unzip the files?

Thanks to anyone who reads this and replies,

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Re: need help with flash game

If you're running XP, the facility to unzip files is built in - just right click the file and hit "Extract All". If not, try Winzip.

In order to play games on your PSP, they have to be unzipped first.

See our tutorial for info on how to play flash games on your PSP...

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Re: need help with flash game

Or you can try WinRar, i personally like that better. Use Sothink SWF Decompiler to decompile flash files.



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