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SwishWindows v4 | SDK Out Soon!

SwishWindows v4
   Click Here … iotfan.swf
By Patriotfan

This is just a basic Windows look alike made in Swishmax using 100% vector art (So its a flash portal)

Added in v4:
A stopwatch

To be Addded in v5:

More sound effects
another app (Paint)
more games
XML Loaded Name and password


The time is screwed up
Swishwindows Tour is still buggy


In the upcoming SDK, you will be able to make your own apps and games. Included would be a windows and the buttons (like the mapp folder or mygames folder)
You would need a build of Swishmax to use the SDK though..

PSP-Friendly Version

Once I get past 500kb, I will release a "PSP-Friendly" version because the PSP doesn't like big flash files. In it, all the sounds will be gone. (they acount for 80kb right now)


Q: Will this harm my PSP
A: No it will not

Q: Is this homebrew?
A: No it is not


You can use this in you portal as long as you credit me and ask in this thread

Screenies: (Taken from PC)

Share Us:

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Re: SwishWindows v4 | SDK Out Soon!

lol, the start menu needs some work... but overall i actually like the simplicity of the style.



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