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#1 17/10/08 12:04pm

From: carelia
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5.00 M33 out now!

dark-alex has just released a new custom firmware, 5.00 M33. here's the changelog:

changes wrote:

- 4.01 to 5.00

- Bug fix: when changing speed in xmb, and the psp turned the brightness to 0 automatically the speed was reseted to 222 again.

Note to pspstates plugin users: this plugin won't work in this firmware due to it being made
specifically for 4.01. Running it in 5.00 M33 can cause problems, wait until an update of plugin. is down right now, so here's the update on

5.00 m33

5.00 update (needed)

enjoy, everyone!

edit: just installed it, seems cool. just make sure you rename GAME4XX folder to GAME5XX or the homebrew in that folder will not work smile

edit2: i just wanted to clarify that you'll also get playstation store access directly from psp, a qwerty on-screen keyboard, auto-sleep timer when listening to music and new waves. a goooood update from sony if i might add.

edit3: just took some screenshots for you smile
system info
ps network
sleep timer
sleep timer 2
new qwerty osk

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hello i am new but i have a lot of psp experience, got cfw 5.00 m33 on my slim i got a fat before but i sold it. this site seems cool altho i dont play flash games on mah psp.



#2 17/10/08 5:59pm

From: SD-CA
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Re: 5.00 M33 out now!

downloading right now...

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#3 17/10/08 7:03pm

Moderator of Doom.
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Re: 5.00 M33 out now!

Finally, a new M33 firmware. I've been waiting ages.




#4 26/10/08 3:42pm

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Re: 5.00 M33 out now!

Nice one!! Good to see the M33 team are still at work, but one question, Do you need 5.00 Firmware already installed, or can I go ahead and install from 3.95?



#5 28/10/08 2:08am

From: Canada, eh?
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Re: 5.00 M33 out now!

3.95 Official? No sir. You need a custom firmware to install this baby.
I see in your sig your current PSP is at 3.95...Is that custom, and if so, isnt that the GEN firmware? I dont know about upgrading to an M33 firmware from a GEN firmware.
Id read up a bit on it if I was you..

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#6 27/11/08 7:07am

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Re: 5.00 M33 out now!

can someone tell me why it's not working on my psp?



#7 27/11/08 10:29pm

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From: Teh Interwebz
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Re: 5.00 M33 out now!

01abdo00 wrote:

can someone tell me why it's not working on my psp?

Because you need to have some sort of custom firmware installed on your PSP before you can apply this update.




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