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#1 09/08/08 10:13pm

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I REALLY need help with my psp. I heard about something called overclocking your
psp, but i can't find out how. can someone plz help me?

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#2 10/08/08 3:04am

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Re: Overclock

Use google.
And im assuming you just think overclocking sounds cool?

Well, if thats the case; you do not need to know.



#3 10/08/08 6:22am

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Re: Overclock

If you have Dark Alex's custom firmware you can go into a menu called "Recovery menu" where you can overclock your psp's processor up a few Mhz. Overclocking is basically like taking more power from a processor but if you do it to your psp it will drain more battery so be careful!



#4 05/09/08 12:21pm

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Re: Overclock

If your gonna overclock it, make sure you find a balance of speed and power usage.

The PSP1000(Stock) is 333MHz which allows about 4-6 hours of gameplay.
The PSP2000(Stock) was locked at 222MHz but a firmware update (about 3.50) removed this limit and allowed new games to run at 333MHz and allowed 4-6 hours of gameplay, but an official 2200 mAh battery allowed for about 5-7 hours of gameplay.

When you overclock it, dont go too far (you dont want to have to charge it every 10 mins.) A friend of mine overclocked my bad boy to about 380MHz and loading is as fast as on the slim.



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