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Re: new version of psp OFW version 4.05

Hahaha, sony serriously thinks that they can outsmart the hackers. Of course, a new CPU IS a bit of a problem. But Sony HAS to have their own backdoors to the PSP. From what I understand, the new CPU's are designed to reject all unsigned IPL's. Now, IPL's can still be run, so theres gotta be something there to work with.

Otherwise, some company better start making a modchip tongue

But M33 will prevail. They have so far, why not continue to do so? It will take some time..I remember when I upgraded to 3.11 a day before i found out about homebrew and the 3.03 downgrader, I was soooo pissed. Then i waited everyday for a new downgrader..Nothing. So I upgrade to 3.40...And then,BAM. 3.50 downgrader comes out. I upgrade to 3.50, and wait to find a copy of Lumines.

I never had a chance.

I got Medal of Honor:Heroes 2, and, completely oblivious to it, it had a 3.51 upgrade. I upgraded, knowing there was no hope for me, other then to get a modchip. But then, M33 and Noobz struck back with Pandora. I wasted 50 dollars trying to hardmod a battery. I got a battery and memory stick from a friend, and it was the REALLY older model battery. I was releived since I didnt have to cut a pin, all i had to do was tape down a piece of wire to two points.

Since then, I am loving my PSP, and so are the other 5 people who ive helped downgrade theirs.

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Re: new version of psp OFW version 4.05

i never knew it did that



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Re: new version of psp OFW version 4.05


Reason old and outdated
> Posting on this topic ended 8th July 2008
> If you want to talk about psp firmware post a new topic or find a firmware topic that has been posted recently in

see psp firmware topics
check for the lastest posts



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