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#1 13/03/07 8:29pm

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My first beloved band was "Rasmus" (later - "the Rasmus"), i had every single of their albums, but then i saw some of thier live records - that was something awfull!

I switched to metal, goth rock and alternative. listened to Metallica, Devildriver, Nightwish, Pain, Apocaliptica, even Evanescence smile. But since then i realised that i've started to feel worser and worser day after day.

So i decided to listen to something less "hard". That time, It was Red Hot Chilli Peppers and James Blunt, some D'n'B, trance, and even EMO-rock.

But i was tired of listening to soft only either. Now I'm in Punk music - mainly Green Day, some of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus music and not-so-punk Nickelback smile

What music do you perfer, what are your favorite bands, speak up!

I bite!



#2 13/03/07 9:16pm

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Re: Music

Anything and everying. Main favourite band is radiohead i'd say, others change week by week. I basically like pretty much everything from electronica to rock and everything inbetween. Don't really like hardcore garage, but apart from that i probably like it big_smile

Latest bands i've seen live are eagles of death metal (the main guys from queens of the stone age), biffy clyro, DJ Shadow, Radiohead, Iron & Wine, Franz Ferdinand, The Subways, The Go! Team, Athlete and Jose Gonzalez. At least, those are the tickets that are bluetacked on the wall near me.

As for history, I went through the standard sh*t music > what everyone else liked (punk rock) > finding what i like (chillout electronica) > finding new stuff that I also like (more hardcore electronica like Autechre or Aphex Twin, rap like Blackalicious and Madvillain, rock like EODM and biffy, and indie like the Shins or blur, and that undefinable stuff like Beck and the avalanches.)

Phew, sorry - got a bit carried away there. I like music big_smile

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#3 13/03/07 9:19pm

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Re: Music

I've just joined a group on facebook where you send a message to the group admin with your address, then they randomise the names and addresses and you get someone else's - then you send them a compilation alum. Quality way to find new music you'd never hear otherwise big_smile

Here's my compilation for the next round:

01. Lemon Jelly  -  The Staunton Lick
02. The Bees  -  Chicken Payback
03. Beck  -  Black Tambourine
04. Harvey Danger   -  Flagpole Sitta
05. Eagles of Death Metal  -  Whorehopping (sh*t, Goddamn)
06. Bell X1  -  Reacharound
07. Modest Mouse  -  Ocean Breathes Salty
08. The Shins  -  New Slang
09. Gomez  -  Notice
10. DJ Shadow  -  Erase You (Feat Cris James)
11. Madvillain  -  Accordion
12. mr.scruff  -  Chipmunk
13. Autechre  -  Rae
14. Blockhead  -  Road Rage Breakdown
15. RJD2  -  Making Days Longer
16. Frou Frou  -  Old Piano
17. Sia  -  Butterflies
18. Iron & Wine  -  Faded From The Winter
19. Kings of Convenience  - The Weight Of My Words

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#4 15/03/07 7:15pm

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Re: Music

I kinda went the opposite way to SoulOfDarkness. I hated music until i was about 10 because the knida thing that i was told was music was steps and the spicegirls. When i was 10 i first heard the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, then i heard some metallica (who i didn't really appreciate at the time but i now worship them), The next bands after that that i liked was linkin park (who i soon tired of) and nirvana. Then i heard Slipknot and liked them before realizing that an even better band called arch enemy existed. Nowadays i just listen to most of the above and try out some new things like mushroomhead.

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#5 28/05/07 12:09am

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Re: Music

shadows fall rocks



#6 29/05/07 3:01pm

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Re: Music

WOW, I don't know why, maybe because we live in neighbor countries, but SoulOfDarkness, I started just like that.

At first I listened to The Rasmus and Linkin Park, but then they started annoying me so I switched on to death metal. I had been listening to music like Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy and Lamb Of God, (which I still listen to) when I started liking new metal, progressive metal and alternative metal, such as Element Eighty, Killswitch Engage, Evanescence and In Flames.

Also I've been listening to few 8bit music songs, which remind me of my old GameBoy, which I sold to get PSP...

I like metal, and 8bit music (a bit) so I found two great bands who mix these two gategories perfectly, the genre is called SID metal, and the great bands who make this music, are Machinae Supremacy and Disco Ensemble.

Thats almost all...




#7 30/09/07 6:17am

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Re: Music

really if it sounds good and if i like it ill listen to it. wouldnt care what people said. but recently if started a liking for megadeth and radiohead.




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