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[review] DAXTER DM

Have you seen an OTTSEL, recently?

_______                           __               
\  ____  \   ____   __  __ _/  |_   ____   _____
||____|   \ \__   \ \  \/  / \   __\/ __   \ |   __ \
|              \/ __   \ >  <   |  |    \  ___/ |  |   \/
/_______   (____  /__/\_ \ |__|   \___>|_|   
              \/        \/         \/

The 2nd main character of Jak and Daxter came the main in this all-new adventure who takes place between Jak and Daxter I & Jak and Daxter II.
You'll Love this game because of his GREAT graphic and intuitive controls.

You are an ottsel who takes on a job as a pest exterminator.
You have to destroy all the MetalBugs in Haven City during the missions.

In the UMD you have also a MiniGame: a combat between bugs that you have captured (something like POKèMON).

I can't describe all the features of this game... GREAT GAME!

From Larry Imgrund (Light_Jak)'s "Daxter (PlayStation Portable) FAQ/Walkthrough"


X - Jump
Square - Electric Swatter
Circle - Bug Spray 
Triangle - Ottsel Mode (where Daxter crouches down)
L and R triggers - Camera
Up on D-pad - 1st Person view w/ only use of camera
Down on D-pad - 3rd Person view
Analog Stick - Move Daxter
Right/Left on D-Pad - Changes Bug Spray Modes

Special Moves

X then Square (x2) - Dive Swat
Square then X - Uppercut
X then Square - Spin Attack (in air)
X (x2 optional) then Circle - Hover


X - Accelerate
Square - Brake/Reverse
Analog Stick - Move vehicle
L - Jump
R - Use Eco (on Betsy only)

E. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was Daxter released?

A: March 14th was the release date for Daxter.
Q: How old is Daxter?

A: Daxter is around 16 or 17 in Daxter (game).
Q: What exactly is an ottsel?

A: An ottsel is the fusion between an otter and a weasel. Daxter is one such
Q: When do the events of the new PSP title Daxter take place in the Jak

A: Daxter takes place after Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and before
   Jak II. The story tells of Daxter's tales of saving Jak before Jak II.
Q: How many orbs are in the game?

A: There are a total of 1001 orbs to find in Daxter.
Q: What weapons do you use in Daxter?

A: You use the bug swatter as the main weapon which is triggered by the Square
   button on your PSP. Other weapons (such as the Flamethrower and Ultra Sonic
   attachments) use the bug spray and are triggered by the Circle button.

Excuse me for my horrible english! I'm italian...sssssssht!


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Re: [review] DAXTER DM

my bro has this game



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Re: [review] DAXTER DM

i have this game smile



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