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#1 03/05/08 6:50pm

Angel of Kayos
From: boston uk
Registered: 29/04/08
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Top psp theme site.

I found the best psp theme site ever while searchin the net. the best part is u can download them direct to ur psp from the net and its updated every day with 6+ types of themes like game based ones or popstar based ones etc,  just tap in and enjoy. let me no wot u think. ty.

Angel of Kayos leads the forces of sinners/evils destrution.



#2 04/05/08 5:45am

Elite Moderator
From: Teh Interwebz
Registered: 25/03/07
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Re: Top psp theme site.

Not bad. And it looks like it has been made specifically for the PSP. I just wish they had also custom firmware themes, it's hard to find any..




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