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flash player

hello, i'm a new psp gamer so i haven't tried all of what psp has to offer me. by the way, does psp support youtube? coz i can't watch the videos and says that i have an old version of flash player. and are we able to download the latest flash player or not? hope someone can answer my questions. thanks!



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Re: flash player

It seems like all we get is a version of flash player 6, and actually less then that. You  can't upgrade it unless it comes with a PSP firmware upgrade probably. If you'd like to watch youtube videos, I think you need flash player 8, and very likely a larger memory.



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Re: flash player

Doesnt RSS channel let you watch videos, on google if you search for a video there are things on the bottem of the page that say RSS video for your psp, it never worked for me but I don't really know what RSS does.

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Re: flash player

RSS is just a specific form of XML (the same format of code that xhtml and atom etc are written in). RSS feeds are simply a way of bringing content to a client other than through the website, traditionally used for reguarly updated text, which can be viewed in a RSS client (such as sage, for firefox). They're good because it cuts the faff of navigating to the correct page, and displays the content in a customisable, simple, easy to read way. (For example, you could have the recent posts RSS feed from this site load up in your sidebar of firefox so you could see recent activity at a glance without having to load up the site every time. Then, if you want to reply to a post, you click the associated link and it takes you directly to that page. Dead quick smile)

Video RSS feeds are very similar, but have an extra tag included within the code that simply gives a link to the video source. So the RSS doesn't actually include the video, it just includes a description and a link. As a result, i'm pretty sure that if you can't view google video on a psp, you won't be able to view google video using the RSS feed on a psp. Unless it's feeding it in a different format, but i think that's pretty unlikely.

Where's the link that says RSS video for your PSP? I can see a link to RSS feeds info, but nothing mentioning the PSP?

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