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Hunting Game Idea - Check it out


I wanted to post the first idea for your consideration and feedback. The idea for a simple hunting game. I am working on the speed issues and the score. This template could be used for all sorts of Hunting / Sniper type games.

It is not a far stretch once the scoring system is complete and the enemy / animal AI is done for this community to make levels.

Thanks to Zuriki for initial input on the alpha and gradient issues with the psp flash player.

Tell me what you think and feel free to post ideas for other games of this type and / or the Hunter game itself.

Here is the link to V2 using a png for the scope.



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Re: Hunting Game Idea - Check it out

scoring should use:

ie. _root.score = Number(_root.score) + 20;

Hope that helps.

[url=]Zuriki - PSP Flash Games[/url]



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