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#1 21/11/06 6:19pm

From: Tallinn
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2 firmwares on 1 PSP?

I have 2 memory sticks. is it possible to have different firmwares on each of them?

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#2 21/11/06 6:30pm

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Re: 2 firmwares on 1 PSP?

Afraid not there is a way to get 2 firmwares but it means taking your PSP to bits and adding a new board to the circuit. The firmware is stored on the internal flash memory of the PSP and therefore you may only have one firmware on your PSP. I am looking forward to ps1 games on the PSP I tried homebrew when I could and after all the hype it gets I was severely disappointed the games you can buy are a lot better and the best game I did have was just a 3d version of pong and still not as good as some flash versions so I upgraded in the end as they will always find exploits in a firmware. I suspect there will be something to do with the ps1 emulator built ion to the firmware 3.00 but I don't know anything about hacking.




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