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Final Fantasy II

So I picked this up last week. Heck, I played the first one, and the fourth through to the twelfth, so why not? ;) And they did, afterall, update the graphics a bit (are they using six's engine? I don't know...). It's a great game, so far, if you enjoy retro, which I do (makes me feel like a kid again. c.c; ). It's interesting, and yet very simple, in comparison to the newer FFs and other RPGs.

And so, my Mom's playing it, too. She's as into RPGs as I am, and now, she's wanting to get her own PSP so we won't be having to toss mine back and forth so much. LOL Of course, she got to use it all last night, and since I am stuck with my artwork at the moment, I finally picked up a flash animation I was working on back in November. ^_^; So it's not too bad.

I like that the game includes a bestiary. This is useful for the few monsters I'm not familiar with, in case I had trouble. The art gallery should have some screen caps of the characters in the opening cgi sequence. I don't know if that is something which unlocks at the end of the game, or if it's just not there.

I found out early on in the game that it pays to fight the captains in Fynn, while you have Minwu in your team. I built up their spell levels, their stats, and got some nice item drops (like Gold Armor, the Flame bow, and some Curse tomes -- which are great when you want to conserve your MP and attack and the monster has a thich hide).

I did miss the ability to change formation. You can move to the front or back row, but your guys are stuck in the order they come in. For a girl gamer, I miss being able to put my female character in the lead. ^^;; Well, the leader already looks girlish enough, so I'll deal. :D

One thing I'm getting over is that Cid's airship can taxi you around, but it won't pick you up. Oh! It will pick the princess up, but not you, no no no. :P But maybe you get access to it later in the game. That'd be nice.

But I was surprised. I was expecting something along the lines of the very first one, which for its day was amazing, but after so many RPGs, left some areas lacking. This FF has a feel much like that of FF4 and even some of FF6, and it's very fun and simple to play. The battle system is so easy. You don't have 'levels' except in your stats themselves, and it's versatile enough that you can have any weapon or spell on your characters. I have tended to stay with one or two specialized weapons per character, and this has helped a lot. Oh! And this is cool: You can fight florentine! :) Two weapons, multiple hits, lots of fun. Just make sure you know which is the dominant hand and make sure to put the tougher weapon on that side.

I'll post again, once I'm through the game some more. I'm inside the Dreadnaught, right at the moment.




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