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Macaw's news thread

SoulofDarkness is or rather was making a new game-Space Invaders-if any of u have played the beta you would be excited. SofD expected this game to be a SI RPG mix with customizable ships and missons. Sevral problems came up with codeing could this be another abondend project? only time will tell. … 71&p=1
that is the original link

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Re: Macaw's news thread

I'm sorry if this disappoints you, but we haven't seen SoulOfDarkness in the forums for... Let me check... Well, his last post is dated 07.04.2007 18:30:30.

I found out that he is an active member at forums.

I guess he just wanted to go on bigger forums or something. But right now I don't think that the game in question will ever be released.




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