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3.71 M33 released!

3.71 M33 custom firmware has been released. Probably some of you already know this, but now it is cool since you can make your own themes with no fear of semi-bricking, listen to music while viewing pics and much more.

QJ wrote:

The wait is finally over guys (although it really wasn't that long, after all, thank goodness)! The much coveted Team M33 PSP v3.71 CFW is finally here! Now, according to this wonder-team, this will be their "last but one release". Not to worry though, cause there certainly seems to be a lot more good things just waiting in line to happen.

Quoting directly from the Team M33 site, so it'll be clear just what you guys should expect in the future, "... it will be released a Slim&Fat Unbricker, and a 1.50 kernel patch." Exciting, eh? But of course, what's even more exciting is the actual release of Team M33 PSP 3.71 CFW. Yeah, so we did get worried that they wouldn't release it yet. But apparently, they just can't keep from making us happy.

And without further ado, here's the changelog for CFW 3.71:

    * Now uses 3.71
    * VSH Menu is not longer launched using HOME key, but using SELECT now. This is to not interfere with the XMB function of home, which is now more useful in this firmware.
    * Psp Slim: umdcache was allocating memory even when homebrew was launched, wasting memory that homebrew programs may want to use. Now umdcache module is stopped before it can allocate any memory, only in the case homebrew is launched.
    * Also, memory is unprotected for user memory usage by M33 core (only when homebrew is launched).
    * Developer, for a sample of how to use the extra memory, see the extra ram sample of the M33 sdk.
    * Both version boot now from 3.XX ipl, and are independent of 1.50.

Important to note would be the following:

    * The main installer will not install 1.50 kernel anymore.
    * A 1.50 kernel addon for 3.71 M33 that will install inside 3.71 M33 will be released in a few days (for fat only)
    * due to some changes in kernel nids by Sony, you can expect a lot of kernel plugins not working anymore.
    * Programmers: refer to the sdk readme for details.

As for the installation procedures, a step by step guided is provided:

    * First method for both psp, the preferred when possible:
    * Requeriments: a fat psp slim with 3.52 M33-3 or 3.52 M33-4. Previous versions of M33 won't work, due to a bug that affects them and OE; or a psp slim with 3.60 M33.
    * Copy the UPDATE directory into /PSP/GAME/UPDATE and copy the EBOOT.PBP of the 3.71 Sony updater there but with name "371.PBP". Note: the program will not even show if you copy it to a different folder than that.
    * If you are in the fat psp, make sure you have configured the psp to run the game folder in the 3.XX kernel.
    * Press X, and the Sony updater will begin. Sit and enjoy while Sony code installs 3.71 M33
    * When finished, the updater will ask you to reboot (pressing X or O). DO IT. Do not skip this step shutting down the psp by yourself, or you'll end with a brick.
    * You should be now in 3.71 M33

So to Team M33, many thanks once more! As for you guys, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. If you're ready, then go click on that download link below!

Oh, and this ought to be a bigger treat for you guys. Good ol' Dark_AleX just confirmed himself that he is, in fact, M33. You all got us there, mate! Good job!

OMG... Did you read the last line...? "Good ol' Dark_AleX just confirmed himself that he is, in fact, M33."

OMGx2!!!! Dark_Alex is M33?!?!?!?!?!




#2 24/09/07 1:34pm

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Re: 3.71 M33 released!

i thought he quited



#3 24/09/07 2:45pm

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Re: 3.71 M33 released!

apperantly not. wow what a twist




#4 24/09/07 3:51pm

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Re: 3.71 M33 released!

what do they mean with a  fat psp slim?

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#5 24/09/07 5:32pm

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Re: 3.71 M33 released!

I did already knew that he was M33 for like 3 weeks ago. Some guy said that he talked to M33 in IRC and that they said it.



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