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#1 30/08/07 2:01am

st joes
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Can't figure out how to play this game

I downloaded a game from but I'm unable to put it on my psp so it is playable. It keeps on saying content can't be displayed. Its a cool game if I could only get it on my psp. Help



#2 30/08/07 2:33am

Addicted Moderator
From: Belgium
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Re: Can't figure out how to play this game

That is a .exe file.

The PSP won't support this...

It will play Flash games though... Those are games with the file name ending with .swf

That's what this website is for, mainly.. Flash games.

The games we have here for the moment can be found here.
And here you can find out how to put them on your PSP and how to access them so you can play them.



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