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#1 12/08/07 1:34am

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green wallpaper

ive been looking 4 green cool looking wallpaper but cand find none do you know any wallpaper sites or pics u have i could put on my psp



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Re: green wallpaper

what do u mean by green? and if u want great wallpapers go to
and if u want great quality wallpapers go to




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Re: green wallpaper

google image cool/neat green wallpaper smile

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Re: green wallpaper

Hotboy wrote:

google image cool/neat green wallpaper smile

Yup, that's probably the best source... Save it to your PSP, go back to the main menu, to the picture viewer, zoom in/out on the part you want (hold square+ analogue stick up and down) and then set it as your wallpaper as usual. It'll put only the part you zoomed in on to set as your wallpaper.

That way you could also get larger wallpapers (perhaps for PC) and set one part of it as your wallpaper today and when you're bored with it, zoom in on another part of it  and set that as your background smile

That's what I often do anyway...

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