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#1 25/07/07 11:42pm

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3.52 M33 ALREADY OUT!!

It's been almost 48 hours since 3.52 came out and the M33 team has made 3.52 M33, i just got to 3.51 M33 so i wont rush it, just wait for a while for them to fix bugs and it should be okay to go in.

If u really want it here it is!

If ur on an oe or a lower vers of 3.51 m33 just put it in game 150 folder and run the app. im not gunna use it yet...

P.S. Me or the Author of this program are not in ANY WAY responsible for any damage that might, (most likely wont happen) happen to your psp. Your psp could be permanently damage if you do this program wrong, and its a sooooooooooooooooooooooo small change u might brick, like no-one has bricked, im just telling you there is a chance.

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2.80> 3.5> 1.5> 3.40 OE-A> 3.51 M33-7> 1.5> 3.40 OE-A> 3.52m33-5> full brick(pandora)> 3.52m33-5> 3.80m33> 3.90m33

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