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Homebrew flash player version

I think it is about time I edited the games that restrict to PSP and online only but I do not use homebrew so I cant find out what the player version is. If you have the homebrew flash application then I would appreciate it if someone would run this and post here what came up on the screen if anything. Its just a flash file to check for the version of flash.




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Re: Homebrew flash player version

I could check that out... Wait a minute.

*update*: This homebrew flash app called SWFPlayer, shows up a black screen... It has failed many times, although I've always seen something

(There are more of those SWFs that DON'T work than those that work with SWFPlayer)

And if by "homebrew flash player version" you mean if it's Flash 6 or 7 or what, I've got to tell you that I think it has been completely made with homebrew libraries, so it  isn't even possible that it would support many SWFs.

Soooo when I open it with my PC it shows WIN 9,0,45,0 that means my flash player is 9 right?

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Re: Homebrew flash player version




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