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Forum Languages

I was looking through the site stats earlier, and although the majority of visitors to this site are from the US or UK, we do have quite a lot of non-english visitors. So, i've installed a load of language packs into the forum - the site content and forum contents won't change, but the forum options and things will...

You can select your default language on your profile page.

If anyone would like to make translations of any other site content, eg tutorials, that would be very much appreciated! You can post them here, or email them to

I've installed the following languages, ask me if i've missed any off...

  • •  Danish

  • •  Dutch

  • •  Estonian

  • •  Finnish

  • •  French

  • •  German

  • •  Hungarian

  • •  Italian

  • •  Japanese

  • •  Korean

  • •  Norwegian

  • •  Portugese

  • •  Russian

  • •  Simplified Chinese

  • •  Spanish

  • •  Swedish

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