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[review] Marvel Ultimate Alliance

A friend of mine really liked the Xbox version of this so I picked up the PSP game. If you are a big fan of the Marvel pantheon of superheroes you will probably love this game, but I did not. Here is a brief review from my personal standpoint.

Basically this is like a team Diablo-type game, only with Marvel superheroes. I did not get into playing this game online, only single-player.

Positives - The sound and graphics are quite nice. The cutscene movies look good and the world is highly detailed and attractive. The game has plenty of potential replay value with a couple of dozen different superheroes you can play on your team of four members. There are numerous special teams you can put together and your team gains experience and levels and abilities just like your heros.

Negatives - The voice acting is mediocre at best and the dialogue often painful to listen to, though perhaps this is just being faithful to the actual comics (sigh). The campaign is very linear, though this is somewhat alleviated by the special comic book missions for each superhero and other special missions.

The primary problem with this game in my opinion is as follows : You have a team of four heroes running and flying around, using ranged combat etc. To use them effectively you need to zoom the camera out as far as possible, to see your enemies and keep track of your team members. Unfortunately when you do that on the PSP, everyone on the screen becomes REALLY SMALL. That makes it hard to tell team-mate from enemy, hard to tell what direction you are facing, and basically hard to do much except button-mash and squint.

The reviews I have read on the web have considered this game quite good, so maybe it is just that my eyesight is too poor or my arms are too long to truly appreciate this game. I give it a 6/10 - if you want this game you would be much better off with the Xbox(360) or PS2(3) versions.

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Re: [review] Marvel Ultimate Alliance

it's like x-men legend 2 which is really good game too! badtv



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Re: [review] Marvel Ultimate Alliance

the 360 version is pretty good but i didnt like the psp version




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