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online multiplayer

hello I like my psp its so cool even though the games are slower I really like playing my psp more than my computer. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a online multiplayer game through flash for the psp, or if any exist at the moment.



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Re: online multiplayer

Im not familiar with flash, but from what I know its impossible on the PSP as the kind of flash it uses is very old and outdated, not to mention its actually a stripped down version developed specifically for the PSP, which means you lose out on some stuff you'd normally get with flash on PC.

There used to be a few homebrew games with online communities, CSPSP was the biggest one but the official servers are dead now, I know theres some unofficial servers floating around but Im not sure on how active they are, so if you'd like to check that stuff out, its probably the only lead youre going to get.

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Re: online multiplayer

Sorry for responding so late...

Ale (aka Alex) is a Canadian dude that worked with JFig111 (aka Julian) on some projects back during the height of the PSP Flash era. He came up with a system for making PSP Flash games with a save feature - I believe it involved using Javascript through Flash, and having the Javascript reference an HTML page which would run code writing to the disk.

If the HTML were to be rewritten, you could probably set it up so that it saved data to a server and could also retrieve data from the server.

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As far as non-Flash multiplayer games, Legend of the Green Dragon and Improbable Island both work on the PSP quite well. There are two other games that might - Conclave and Kingdom of Loathing. I have no idea if these would work.

Over 100 free Flash games for your PSP:



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