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#1 01/09/12 9:40pm

From: SD-CA
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[Release] Portable Fishing 2012

I've Finally Come With A New Project smile
Portable Fishing 2012
Total File Size: 96kb.
Instructions With In The Game GUI
Its Basically The Same As The Original Version Back In 2008, It Has Updated Graphics And Its More Like A Survial Fishing Kinda Game, You Have A Timer, And Some Fish(White) Give You More Time. I Want To Add A HighScore Function, But I Think It Will Come In The Future. Stay Tuned For Updates!

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Portable Fishing 2012 Released!
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#2 06/09/12 11:46am

The Explorer
From: Bloody Australia.
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Re: [Release] Portable Fishing 2012

Wow, a new Portable Fishing game! big_smile
There were so many levels ><

I think it would've been better if there was some music though.
Also, the instructions/credits buttons don't work...

I think there needs to be a bit more variety/difficulty, it is pretty repetitive at the moment.

However, I'm really happy you uploaded this, as there aren't many people uploading stuff anymore...
Normally here I would tell you to continue, but I think there are more productive ways to spend your time now, because PFG is on the brink of extinction... heh tongue



#3 30/09/12 12:04am

From: Corner of Walk and Don't Walk
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Re: [Release] Portable Fishing 2012

Nice graphics, the background kind of annoyed me though. The fisher is sitting on a pier, that pier is supported by pillars, and those pillars dip into the water at a certain height, and some fish swim above that line. Are they flying? O_o;

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