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To be, or not to be...

...the guy, that is.
I Wanna Be The Guy (IWBTG) is probably the most frustrating game I have ever come across.
Think you get mad when you have an off day in MW2? Take the rage you have there, and multiply it by a power of 10. Thats the game in a nutshell. Theres a proper introduction on the official site somewhere, but I cba to post it here. Download link is below.

One of my friends got me into playing this game, and I have no idea how I accepted at the time. Perhaps the idea of "Becoming 'The Guy'" was too enticing for me to pass this up. Now I wish I could just stop playing it and/or just get to the next bloody area.

Discuss your rages/wins/fails/losing your sanity with this game here.

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