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#1 12/08/09 5:38am

From: SD-CA
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Ok! Got to My PC!

I was on Vacation and now I can finally Continue Work on Tenebra Crystallis.

Today I worked on a New GUI(Both Main Menus and Battle Menus), Tomorrow I'll Work a little on the TileSets I have(Shading Mainly)
After Im done with that I'll Continue on a New Test Release.
This New Test will actually Have Something to Play Through lol

So yup big_smile back to Work for me, BRB(In Some Days Actually lol)

[i]cookie Tenebra Crystallis.. Released!
Portable Fishing 2012 Released!
Find Them In The 'Flash Games' Section of The Forums[/i]



#2 12/08/09 5:43am

The Explorer
From: Bloody Australia.
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Re: Ok! Got to My PC!


Just when I started to continue my game. lol.



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