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#1 24/06/09 5:30pm

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questions on the new 100% digital games

Sony has launched the playstation network and have launched a series of full games that can be downloaded directly to the psp.

My question is will there be any way to copy these games so other people can use them?




#2 26/06/09 9:14pm

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Re: questions on the new 100% digital games

id say they'll have thought of that and put some sort of protection on the game (which will probably be hacked soon anyway) or you could just get CFW.



#3 26/06/09 10:34pm

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Re: questions on the new 100% digital games

you cant copy them, they are assigned to the account on wich you purchased them, like in the PS3.
using the same ID on different psp wont work. unless you deactive the psp that had that account before(again like in the ps3)

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