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ok i know this isn't in the official rules of the forum but there kinda like the unwritten rules of all forums so im gonna say this anyway.

1.don't / triple / quadruple post

2.don't post in threads witch are quite clearly dead and have been for a long time general don't be an idiot wink

i am posting this because some people don't seem to understand these concepts specifically no.2. hope i don't sound too serious but its really annoying for me and im sure some of the other forum members as well. not only does it not contribute to the site it is annoying to have to see a load of new posts every day and find they are just dead threads.

edit: lol dont mean to call anyone here an idiot luckily were troll free i am mainly talking about 1 and 2 smile

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Re: spamers

what u say is totally true

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Re: spamers

Hmm, if you click on "rules" at the top of the site, you will get this:

Welcome to the PSP Flash Gaming Forum!

We hope you enjoy this site. Signing up is free and will give you access to use the forums, as well as unlimited game play and access to extra areas of the website.

We hate spam, and promise not to pass your email address onto anyone else. We need it to confirm that you're not a fake person and to deal with any maintence issues. You may also choose to have the forum send you alerts of replies to your posts etc.

Please bear in mind that any misuse of the forum, such as spamming, flaming, verbal abuse etc will result in a permanent ban. The administrors always have the last say.

This forum is public and the creators take no responsibility for the content it contains. This website is not in any way affiliated with Sony or the Sony PSP.




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